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The five special, prophesied dragonets were raised since hatching to end the bloody SandWing war. However, not all of the Dragonets want to be in the prophecy, but unfortunately for the ones who do not, they have been told to save all of Pyrrhia.... and they must do whatever they can to stop the war that has been raging for years this MEANS SOME ONE DELETE THIS WIKi I love WoF BUT THIS IS A DISGRACE TO US FANWINGS

Alternatively, go to [[1]] for a Wings of Fire wiki that is up-to-date and complete with an active community.

Everyone knows that there are five special Dragonets, and should be introduced to the ones who still don't know them very well.

Clay - MudWing

Glory - RainWing

Sunny - SandWing

Tsunami - SeaWing

Starflight - NightWing

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