Starflight- The Dark Secret
Vital statistics
Title Starflight
Name Starflight
Tribe NightWings
Gender Male
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Friends Clay, Sunny, Tsunami, Peril, Glory, Kestrel, Morrowseer
Enemies Burn, Scarlet
"I'm sorry he took me. I wanted him to bring me back right away, but he wouldn't. He said they couldn't afford to lose any NightWings, even- Even peculiar little ones."
—Starflight The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), pages 297-298
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Starflight is a NightWing dragon, and one of the dragonets of prophecy. He will be the main protagonist in The Dark Secret.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

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The Hidden KingdomEdit

The Dark SecretEdit


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"This is not proper studying. Perhaps I should read to everyone instead."
—Starflight The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 16
"That's hardly fair. He's twice Sunny's size. A real scavenger would be smaller than her, according to this scroll over here. It says that scavengers have no scales, no wings, and no tail, and they walk on two legs, which sounds very unstable to me. I bet they fall over all the time. They like treasure nearly as much as dragons do. The scrolls say scavengers attack lone dragons and steal-"
—Starflight The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 17
"Found him!"
Glory, regarding Starflight The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 297
"...the NightWing Dragonet has his orders now. He knows what he's supposed to do."
Morrowseer The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 302
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