Vital statistics
Title Queen Oasis of the SandWings
Name Oasis
Tribe SandWings
Gender Female
Family Burn, Blister, Blaze
Friends SandWings
Enemies Scavengers
"Um, right. Here I go, la la la, Queen Oasis of the SandWings. I'm so very important and, uh- royal- and stuff. I've been Queen for ages and ages. No one dares challenge me for my throne! I am the strongest SandWing queen who ever lived!"
Sunny acting as Queen Oasis The Dragonet Prophecy, page 18
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Oasis is the deceased Queen of the SandWings, and the mother of Burn, Blister and Blaze. Her mate is unknown.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit


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"R-right. Rargh! What is this tiny scavenger doing in the Kingdom of Sand? I am not aafriad of tiny scavengers! I shall go down there and eat him in one bite!"
Sunny acting as Queen Oasis The Dragonet Prophecy, page 19
"Aaaaaaaargh! Impossible! A queen defeated by a lowly scavenger! the kingdom will fall apart! Oh, my treasure... my lovely treasure..."
Sunny pretending to be a dying Oasis. The Dragonet Prophecy, page 20
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