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Vital statistics
Title Morrowseer
Name Morrowseer
Tribe NightWings
Gender Male
Family Secretkeeper (wife), Moonwatcher (Daughter)
Friends Blister, Queen Battlewinner Kestrel (formerly)
Enemies Clay, Glory, Kestrel, Sunny, Tsunami, Starflight Burn, Blaze
"We'll keep an eye on them. It's better this way. Once the word gets out, everyone will be watching for them... waiting for the prophecy to come true at last."
—Morrowseer The Dragonet Prophecy, page 302
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"I'm not sure what he knows or why he cares. The message just said 'Morrowseer is coming.' I'm supposed to meet him and bring him here tomorrow."
Webs The Dragonet Prophecy, page 31
"Well, I never thought Morrowseer would come look at them! After he dropped off Starflight's egg, I assumed we'd never see him again. The NightWings have nothing to do with the war."
Webs The Dragonet Prophecy, page 32
"What. Is. THAT?"
—Morrowseer upon seeing Glory The Dragonet Prophecy, page 36
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