Vital statistics
Title Clay
Name Clay
Tribe MudWings
Gender Male
Family Cattail, Unnamed Father, Reed, Sora, Umber, Marsh, Crane (deceased), Pheasant
Friends Tsunami, Sunny, Starflight, Glory, Kestrel, Webs, Dune, Peril
Enemies Scarlet, Burn
"I'd like to be something more than alive. I'd like to be the kind of dragon she doesn't think I am- the kind they write prophecies about. That dragon would rescue her no matter how awful she is."
—Clay The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 241
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Clay is the main male protagonist of Wings of Fire.


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The Dark SecretEdit


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"We can't stop the war by ourselves. We wouldn't know where to start."
—Clay The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 10
"No, not like that. I mean, I'd do it again. I'd do all of it again, and more, and anything, to make sure she [Glory] was alright. I'd do the same for any of you. We have to follow her. Forget the delta and my family and all that. We'll go to the rain forest and find her, right now."
—Clay The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 268
"That's what it was! When we hatched- the guardians didn't know anything about MudWings, so they thought you were attacking us. But you were trying to help. Your instinct told you to get the rest of us out of our shells. Clay, you know what this means? You weren't trying to kill us after all."
Glory The Dragonet Prophecy (Book), page 291
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