Vital statistics
Title Ex-Princess Burn
Name Burn
Tribe SandWings
Gender Female
Family Oasis (Mother),King Char(Father),Blister and Blaze(Sisters)<Prince Smolder(Brother),Onyx(Niece)
Friends MudWings, Scarlet, SkyWings
Enemies Blister, Blaze, Talons of Peace, IceWings, SeaWings, Hvitur, Morrowseer, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, SkyWing Egg, Starflight, Sunny
"I don't care. No prophecy decides what happens to me. I'm not letting a bunch of words or baby dragons chose when I die or what I bow to. We can have peace when my sisters are dead and I am queen of the SandWings."
—Burn The Dragonet Prophecy, page {{{page number}}}
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Burn is the oldest daughter of Oasis

The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

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The Brightest Night


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  • She Eldest Daughter of Queen Oasis and She Eldest Heir to The Sandwing Throne
  • She and Her Mom Got along
  • She was Queen Oasis Favorite Daughter


"Hello? Is there a dragonet of destiny in there? Ready to come out and end this big bad war? No."
—Burn to the SkyWing egg The Dragonet Prophecy, page {{{page number}}}
"No 'wings of sky' to help save the world. What a sad, sad story. I guess that means that you should be very, very careful with this MOOSE terrible important little- oops!"
—Burn The Dragonet Prophecy, page {{{page number}}}
"Oh no! Our mother is dead, and the treasure is gone. But worst of all, none of us killed her- so who should be queen now?"
Tsunami, acting as Burn The Dragonet Prophecy, page 20
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