Vital statistics
Title Princess/Queen Blister
Name Blister
Tribe SandWings
Gender Female
Family Oasis, Burn, Blaze
Friends SeaWings, Morrowseer
Enemies Burn, Blaze, IceWings, SkyWings, MudWings, Kestrel, Clay, Tsunami, Sunny, Starflight, Glory
"What's one more dead dragon here or there on my way to the throne?"
—Burn The Dragonet Prophecy, page 304
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Blister is the middle daughter of Queen Oasis of the SandWings, and a main antagonist in Wings of Fire.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

The Lost HeirEdit

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The Dark SecretEdit


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"I was about to challenge her. I would have fought to the death for the throne. I should be queen!"
Glory, pretending to be Blister. The Dragonet Prophecy, page 20
"I like that. A traitor in their midst. Tear them apart from the inside. My kind of plan."
—Blister The Dragonet Prophecy, page 302
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